• ​SCTC Certified Chiropractic Technician
  • ​Certified EDS Technician
  • ​Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)

Brittany Athman, C.N.H.P.


  • Health Education Coach
  • Advanced EDS Technician
  • ​Alternative Nutrition Counselor


  • Attended College of St. Benedict
  • EDS Technical Training
  • ​Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)

Electro Dermal Screening Technician and Health Education Coach

​Carol's experience has shown that men, women, and children- even infants- have successfully used EDS to deal with any number of health issues.


  • ​Bachelors degree in Psychology from Northwestern College
  • ​Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)

Carol Athman, C.N.H.P.

​​Electro Dermal Screening Technicians

Electro Dermal Screening Technician and Health Education Coach

Kathy Hagemeister, C.N.H.P.

Office Manager

Thoughts from Kathy:

​"The majority of my clients have had long-term health issues and are seeking positive results without the use of chemicals. The outcome has been phenomenal! The screening process enables me to get into their energy levels, providing the information needed to correct long-standing health problems. Our bodies have the ability to heal and teaching clients that aspect of their well-being is very rewarding. At the end of the day, I ask myself...did I make a difference in someone's life? That is what inspires me to do the work I do."

​Kathy has educated and coached clients in the area of nutritional health and wellness with the use of EDS for 16+ years.


  • ​Health Education Coach
  • Advanced EDS Technician
  • ​Nutrition Counselor


Energy Health & Wellness
​600 25th Ave S. Suite 210
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Thoughts from Carol:

​"Thirteen years of chronic fatigue led me to the world of alternative healthcare. EDS took me from a life of fatigue, endless rest and sleep, digestive problems, and overall body aches, to a life of health and wellness. For the past 13+ years, it has been my privilege to help individuals suffering from debilitating conditions. The key is figuring out why the body is responding in such a way. Through the use of EDS we can find the answer to this question and when we do, it can be as it was for me- Life changing!"

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